Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fraidenburg Thanksgiving

Since this is an InLaw year we had a pre thanksgiving for those who could make it on Sunday. Walter, Traci, Boyce, Trey, Melissa, Andy, Grace and Clark were missed. Grandma and Grandpa Totten were able to come down and join us. It was so fun. Round two of the frying turkey. This year we remembered to take off the plastic. However they put John in charge of pre heating the oil. 45 min. later it was discovered it was on low instead of high. Of course John blamed Luke and Luke blamed Dad. It was funny. So an hour later we pulled out the turkey. It looked super nummy. After the carving began we realized that it was not all the way cooked. So we took off the finished meat and put it back in the oil for round 2. It came out nice and crispy after it was re-fried. Mom and Dad ate the legs of the turkey. Needless to say there was no turkey leftovers. Hope the pictures show the progression of the dinner activities. We did get a chance to wish Melissa a happy birthday over I-Chat thanks to Luke. It was fun to see her(well for a second) and chat with her while we watched our selves. I think John enjoyed it the most! Happy Birthday Melissa!!! wow welcome officially to the 30's !!!! Love you all!!!


Rich said...

Hi Cassandra,
That re-cooked version of the turkey reminds me of that body world exhibit! Ha
Love you,
Gloria I

Melissa Erekson said...

Look at you beautiful thing! Sorry that the video chat didn't work. Next time! Love ya!

Dari Orton said...

BUDDY! Hi! I haven't talked to ya in a long time. How goes it? Thats all. Bye!

GMOM said...

great turkey yum-yum almost!! like what Rich said about body world exhibit. Ithought that was pretty funny!

Brewer Family said...

That is so funny! We need to get together! I have not seen you forever! I was happy to see that you have updated your blog!