Sunday, July 25, 2010

i know long time no anything

Its been too long but unlike my siblings i have no kids to show off. Summer has been blowing by. This last weekend i went camping with mom and dad and boyce and trey. We went to Zion's and stayed at a RV park in Virgin Utah. Of course we went on the hottest weekend of the year. We taught Boyce how to play ping pong. He learned so fast. While mom and dad set up the camper the boys and i went exploring. This RV park was really nice. Sleeping was a fun adventure. mom and dad on their side and then me and the boys on the other. About half way through the night we learned that Trey experiences growing pains in his legs in the middle of the night. He ended up with Grandma and grandpa for the rest of the night. On Saturday after a delicious breakfast(thanks mom) me and trey went swimming and dad and boyce went to play another round of ping pong. Walt, Traci and Hudson came up and stayed the day with us. It was so hot that day we stayed in the pool for most of the day and then we did make the hot trek to Zions. We had frozen yogurt and left! Walt and Traci and Hudson left after dinner and we( mom and dad and trey and boyce and me went back to the pool. They had some pool games going on that the boys played in. The second night Trey slept through the night but he was all over the place, i got kick a few times and boyce said he had to move him too. We got up and had another great breakfast and went back to st. george to drop off the boys and go to church .They each had a part to do in their primary so we stayed for Trey's scripture and Boyce's talk. They both did great. It came time to leave and Boyce was a good boy by not crying but there were tears in his eyes, It was really cute. We had a great time with them. Ok that is enough narrative for now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

This Christmas was a bit different. We all got together the day after. Christmas morning was me and the folks. It was very quiet. After we stared at each other for a few hours, we (mom and I)(Dad was watching Back to the Future 3)wrapped like mad until we went to the movies. We saw Marley and Me with Walt, Traci and Boyce. It was a tear jerker. Walt was the biggest baby of everyone. After the movie we went home and made Christmas dinner. John and Tina at this point made it down from Logan and Marie and Luke joined us. Mom made a delicious meal. After dinner the snow really started coming down and we all headed over to The Orton's to play the Wii. On Friday morning we all got to The Orton's and had breakfast and opened stockings. We missed Grandma and Grandpa Totten, the roads were too snowy and icy for them to make the trip. It was fun to have all 15 of us together. The grandkids are getting so big. Once everyone went their separate ways Dad, John, Tina, Marie, Luke and I went to the mall for some crazy after Christmas shopping. I had never seen Luke in a mall before. I know Marie knows what one is I just didn't know if Luke knew. After a long day of family togetherness and shopping and eating we ended it on a high note literally with Rockband!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fraidenburg Thanksgiving

Since this is an InLaw year we had a pre thanksgiving for those who could make it on Sunday. Walter, Traci, Boyce, Trey, Melissa, Andy, Grace and Clark were missed. Grandma and Grandpa Totten were able to come down and join us. It was so fun. Round two of the frying turkey. This year we remembered to take off the plastic. However they put John in charge of pre heating the oil. 45 min. later it was discovered it was on low instead of high. Of course John blamed Luke and Luke blamed Dad. It was funny. So an hour later we pulled out the turkey. It looked super nummy. After the carving began we realized that it was not all the way cooked. So we took off the finished meat and put it back in the oil for round 2. It came out nice and crispy after it was re-fried. Mom and Dad ate the legs of the turkey. Needless to say there was no turkey leftovers. Hope the pictures show the progression of the dinner activities. We did get a chance to wish Melissa a happy birthday over I-Chat thanks to Luke. It was fun to see her(well for a second) and chat with her while we watched our selves. I think John enjoyed it the most! Happy Birthday Melissa!!! wow welcome officially to the 30's !!!! Love you all!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

OJH School Carnival and Spook Alley

This year i am the adviser for the student government at Olympus JR. We had a fund raiser and had the very first school carnival. It was a great success. We were worried about bad weather but the student body did a anti rain dance and the rain stayed away. It was pretty cold but no wet weather. It was way fun hopefully we do it next year. We also had a spook alley to raise can foods for the Utah Food Bank. It was a lot of work but the students had a great time. It was pretty well attended and pretty spooky if you ask me. However I scare easy so they watered it down for me when I did the walk through. It all looked pretty real to me.

Moab Oct 2008

Welcome to Delicate Arch! Me and Dad hiked up this Friday afternoon once we arrived in Moab last weekend. It was so great. Perfect weather and not crowded at all. We had a lovely time hiking and jeeping. It was too short! Besides Dad almost plummeting to his death at the bottom of this ridge it was a pretty safe trip.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Since John was only going to enjoy his birthday for 6 hours before crossing that international date line we played at Lagoon with John, Tina, Melissa, Grace, Clark, Mom, Dad, Uncle Matt and me. It was so much fun until the end when me, John and Uncle Matt went on Skycoaster. Yeah its a 150 ft drop on cables. It was pretty freaky but cool at the same time. It was like being the Dark Knight flying over the park. (not really but maybe)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The fourth of July was a blast. Before we all went to the Bee's game, me and Marie took Boyce swimming we had a great time. Boyce is an amazing swimmer. He showed no fear!!!